Hello, Beautiful People !!

So there are days where you are dancing like a bunny in front of the mirror for no reason and then there are days when the skies couldn’t be grayer. Ever wonder why?

Don’t we all go inside our maze-like head and whip up all kinds of stories, excuses, strategies designed to get the desired result from a situation? Always ending up in a rut, same friends who are a bad influence, every partner disappoints you, every job you change you encounter a heartless boss. The names and the faces have all changed but it’s the same unhappy movie playing over and over in your life.

Happiness is a state of mind. How we think, feel, reflect and react in everyday life is what makes us happy or unhappy.

No matter how smart, good looking, successful or well recognized you are, someone is always making someone unhappy. When you are surrounded by negativity it eats you up and it’s like a leech on your back which you can’t shake off. That is why you need to work on it one day at a time. Make yourself happy every day in small little ways and create a stronger positive side. When your positive side becomes stronger the negativity cannot shake you and then you start responding to situations differently and breaking the patterns (it’s the most difficult thing to do!)

My life isn’t perfect in any way. I am a HOT MESS and no expert. But I can assure you I am walking the talk. I practice self-love, encouragement, being happy and most of all being grateful for what I have every day and that vibe spills into all areas of my life.

I will be sharing some lessons learnt the hard way from my own life and some from other’s experiences. What makes me happy, maybe it can make you happy too!

I hereby declare I am not an expert or consider myself a ‘know it all’ in any way. I am just a simple true blue Mumbai girl at heart trying to find happiness in little things. My aim here is to just share anything and everything under the sun which will make us feel good. You will find posts and videos about life, relationships, friends, movie reviews (because I love doing it !) – in short everything that consists of our daily life.

Even if I make one person smile, my job here is done!

PS: Remind yourself – “You are awesome! You are Kickass !  You are everything you want to be!”

I hope my blog will be a constant reminder of these things!

Chin up! Keep smiling!



Picture Credit for my Banner is a beautiful photographer from Moscow, Russia – Kristina Makeeva