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Is Marriage Counseling Right For You?

Marital Problems? Marriage Counseling Can Help!

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There are certain subjects that you just don’t want to talk about due to certain unpleasantries: embarrassment, questionable content, differing opinions, and many other reasons that can make you feel uncomfortable. However, when it comes to marriage, there are a few subjects that you should talk about and address directly if you want your marriage to succeed. Often, we’ll avoid these subjects until the last possible moment, when they blow up in our faces. In this post, we’ll examine some touchy subjects in relationships and explain how marriage counseling can help with each.


Poor financial management is stressful on your own, but in a marriage, it is an early indicator of possible divorce. A study published nearly a decade ago found that married couples that said they had financial agreements once a week were nearly one-third more likely to get divorced than those that had those types of discussions less often. Money is something that no one likes to discuss – especially since many feel like talking about how much money they have (or don’t) is embarrassing. When expectations regarding money aren’t discussed, this can lead to spending habits that one partner doesn’t like, misalignment on budgets, or missed financial goals, like saving a certain amount for an upcoming trip, a new vehicle, or even your child’s tuition for university.

Marriage counseling can be a healthy and safe forum where finances between partners can be discussed. The counselor can help the couple identify the key issues that cause conflict in discussions regarding money, and also help improve their communication skills to extend beyond these discussions. The marriage counselor can also help both parties work together towards a spending plan that appeases both sides. Alternatively, a credit counselor can be consulted for money or budgeting queries.

Religion and Values

Discussing religious beliefs can be difficult with anyone – even your partner. Arguably, politics are considered easier to talk about over religion and faith. However, if one of you feels strongly about the role that religion plays in your life, it can cause a rift in the foundation of your relationship if you do not discuss your expectations, beliefs, and how you expect that role to be featured in your children’s lives, if you are looking to start a family together.

One thing you can do is meet with a religious counselor, who can help you navigate your relationship issues through a faith-based lens. A secular counselor can help you address any religious issues that you may be facing as well, as they should respect your religious beliefs.

Sex Life

Another difficult subject to broach is the physical aspect of your relationship. No one wants to talk about what goes on in the bedroom inside of it, much less with other people that are outside of it! That’s your private time, after all. However, if your sex life isn’t going well, it can have an impact on your marriage. Perhaps one partner is perfectly happy only being physically intimate every so often, but the other partner assumes that they aren’t sexually desirable, and so they look for attention from other people. Maybe you aren’t attracted to your partner anymore. Or your sex life has faltered after you’ve experienced an affair.

You might be able to fix these issues by talking to a marriage counselor and figuring out the root problems behind the lack of intimacy. If you’re looking to restore some spark, they can help you come up with solutions, e.g., date nights once weekly, or spending more quality time together doing physical, up-close activities like dance classes, indoor climbing, or a yoga class.

Past Arguments

You would be hard-pressed to find a marriage free of mistakes. And just like in any relationship, we want to focus on the present and move on from any fights, embarrassments, disagreements, or anything that may have been perceived as a mistake. However, it’s hard to let go of a grudge, especially when you feel like it’s unresolved. And we almost never want to bring up the past.

A counselor can help you both by letting you air your grievances in a healthy manner and within a safe environment. The counselor should remain neutral through any arguments you may have. They can certainly help you come to a resolution together and mediate in any conflict. Don’t feel like you shouldn’t bring up something that’s been bothering you because it’s in the past. Counseling can help solve future issues by resolving past ones that are at the root of current problems.

 It’s Between You

Counselors are bound by an oath of confidentiality, where they can’t discuss anything that is talked about in these closed-door sessions with anyone except the clients themselves. This makes marriage counseling a safe and private place to discuss any problems you have and address subjects that may be uncomfortable.

There is no shame in meeting with a marriage counselor to enhance or to try to repair issues in your marriage. You owe it to yourself, your partner, and your relationship to work towards a more harmonious union that you had envisioned at the start. 

Author of this Guest PostMarie Miguel has been a writing and research expert for nearly a decade, covering a variety of health-related topics. Currently, she is contributing to the expansion and growth of a free online mental health resource with BetterHelp.com. With an interest and dedication to addressing stigmas associated with mental health, she continues to specifically target subjects related to anxiety and depression.


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Why is Professional Counselling So Important?

Why More Adults are Choosing to Go to Counseling

Counseling is good for people at any age. As a child, life can be confusing and your emotions may not be fully understood, and a counselor can help you make sense of the world. As a teenager, you may be dealing with changes in your life and may need a counselor for help with school and relationships. When you’re a young adult, life is still confusing, and a counselor can help with your relationship or your career.

When you’re past these ‘growth stages’ and are into middle-age, a counselor is still good to have. Here are some reasons why a counselor is still recommended for people well into adulthood.

A Counselor can Help You Reach Your Goals Before it’s Too Late

You may think that after a certain age, you’re too old to go for your life dreams. This isn’t the case at all! There are plenty of famous people who didn’t get their big break in life until after the age of 40. As long as you can physically and mentally do it, you can reach your dreams, and a counselor can help make a plan based on your situation. They can also help you deal with any negative thoughts that may be preventing you from getting one step closer to that goal.

A Counselor Can Help Keep Your Relationship with Your Spouse Strong

As you grow older with your spouse, you either become closer, or you begin to have problems. Some people grow tired of their spouses and may want to have younger partners. Others may feel like they are growing bored with their relationship and lifestyle, and want a change of pace. These are a couple of the clichés of the midlife crisis, and they do happen quite a bit. However, counseling can help the couple realize what they want in life, and can aid in communication, reconnection, and any other issues that the couple is facing.

A Counselor can Help with Changing Family Situations

Adults are constantly dealing with changing family situations. Their parents may be in poor health or have passed away. Their children may be grown and have left the nest. Sometimes, an adult child may need financial or emotional help and return to the household. This part of life is definitely an interesting transition, and you should manage it as best as possible. Counseling can help you make the right decisions and keep your family together.

An Online Therapist Can Help Anytime

The world is always changing, and one way it’s changing is by making online counseling more accessible. If you’re dealing with an issue, you can talk to a therapist through your phone, tablet, or other devices right away. They can give you the solutions you need and allow you to continue enjoying your life.

If you’re interested to know more about counseling vs counselling please click here for more info: https://www.betterhelp.com/advice/counseling/counselling-vs-counseling-is-there-a-difference/

These are just a few reasons why adults should seek counseling. Counseling through all walks of life is important, whether you’re young or old, in order to live the most productive life possible.

Guest Post – By Marie Miguel

Marie Miguel has been a writing and research expert for nearly a decade, covering a variety of health-related topics. Currently, she is contributing to the expansion and growth of a free online mental health resource with BetterHelp.com. With an interest and dedication to addressing stigmas associated with mental health, she continues to specifically target subjects related to anxiety and depression.

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How Therapy Can Make You Happy Again!

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How Online Therapy Can Help You Achieve Happiness!

Everyone wants to experience happiness, but for one reason or another, happiness is hard to achieve. Sometimes, it’s situational. There is something in your life preventing you from being happy. Other times, it may be due to depression or another mental disorder, where episodes of depression can bring you down. Sometimes, the cause isn’t known. It could be an unconscious memory or some other trauma that is preventing you from being happy.

One way you can solve the mystery and take steps towards achieving happiness is through therapy. However, you may have a hectic schedule that prevents you from making regular appointments, which are a must if the therapy is to be successful. Other times, you may be too depressed to leave your house or have a disability or situation that prevents you from traveling.

To fix that, you can try online therapy, where you can talk to a therapist remotely, be it at home, on a commute, or in any place with an Internet connection. Here’s how online therapy can benefit you.

For more information please go to this linkhttps://www.betterhelp.com/advice/therapy/

Communicate Using Any Means

The best way to talk to a therapist is to sit down with them and discuss your feelings. However, not everyone communicates that way. Some do not like to talk or have a disability that makes it difficult. One way you can fix this is through online therapy, where you can communicate to a therapist via text. This is also great for when you’re in a place where talking on the phone isn’t ideal. You can do a combination of all as well. Video chat gives you the face-to-face experience, while voice chat is good for when you’re on the move.

Communicate Anywhere, Any Time

 If you’re dealing with an issue while outside the therapist’s office, it can be difficult to reach out to a therapist. Online therapy allows you to talk to a therapist at any time. If you’re having a depression episode, a therapist will be there to talk to you and treat it so you can go back to living.

Being able to communicate at any time allows you therapy if your schedule is all over the place. Unsuccessful therapy can stem from not attending therapy, and online therapy allows you to be more consistent with your hectic lifestyle.

All Styles of Therapy Are Covered

What makes therapy so fascinating is that it comes in many different styles that are effective towards certain types of people. Some people may benefit from cognitive therapy, while others may improve if they go through interpersonal therapy. With an online therapist, these choices are available as well, and you can try one of each or a combination. It’s like medication; you have to find the right one for you.

It Can Be Affordable

 One reason why many people do not get the therapy they need is because of the cost. Therapy is pricey, as most therapists don’t work for free. However, online therapy is more competitive, and thus you may be able to find a therapist that fits your budget.

Also, there are more opportunities for discounts. For example, May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and some sites are offering discounts that celebrate it. See if there are any discounts on the site near you.

These are just a few reasons how online therapy can help you get your happiness back. If you are depressed or dealing with another problem, seeking therapy can be the solution you need. Talk to a therapist today and see what your options are. It may take a while, but you can obtain the happiness that you deserve.

Headover to  www.betterhelp.com to find out all about mental health and online therapy! Love yourself, allow yourself to heal – SOMEONE CARES! All you have to do is take the first step and communicate. Take charge of your life and find happiness again!

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Losing Your Mind & Hope Over All The Violence In The World Today?

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It’s a bright sunny morning. You make yourself a hot cup of coffee, grab the newspaper and pick your favorite spot – eager to kick off your day. The first sip of your morning coffee feels like heaven! Then you read the Newspaper and get flooded with the cruelties around the globe. On some days it truly feels like the world is falling apart, it becomes harder to see the possibility of a bright future and a sense of overwhelming helplessness creeps in.

With numerous mediums reporting news round the clock it doesn’t get any easier. We have information readily available at our fingertips, be it our smartphones and television or social media platforms. It has gotten increasingly difficult to not think about what is wrong in the world today than what is right. As human beings, it is our innate need to be curious and spread the word. No doubt being informed about current affairs is extremely important but the overdose of it is what is harmful. Our society today is becoming more angry, violent, aggressive, competitive and greedy. Human beings are committing such heinous crimes, a lot of them are just senseless acts of inhumanity. It is these senseless acts which are the most difficult to fathom.

What do experts have to say?

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8 Signs You Are Your Worst Enemy!

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We think we love ourselves the most, but that is just an appealing idea we want to believe. Only when we take care and nurture our hearts, bodies, and minds is when we are being our true best friend. We have been sabotaging ourselves like no one else and may not even realize it. Look around, because we are a true reflection of our environment and the people in it.

Yes, YOU! are the biggest obstacle for yourself. The villain of this movie called your life.  Tony Robbins who is a renowned life coach says “Most of us have had an enemy or two, but little did you know your biggest enemies are living inside of you — and they’re called saboteurs. Saboteurs are the set of mind patterns that govern your every move. They automatically influence your beliefs, thoughts, and behaviors, and they are steering you in the wrong direction — that is, you’re sabotaging yourself.”

As much we would like to blame the circumstances or people around for our shortcomings, we play a pivotal role in cutting ourselves a bad deal. We present ourselves the greatest challenges and have the sole decision-making power to shape the past, present, and future. All of us experience situations in life which are full of disappointment, frustration, self-depreciating, heartbreak, illness, and failure, but what we learn from it, is what is extremely essential.

Seeking help from mental health professionals is an excellent tool to be mentally healthy and also to understand oneself better. Depending on your need, please seek a psychologist or a therapist.

Click here to find out the difference between a psychologist and therapist!


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8 signs of Toxic Relationships! Read Now To Learn How To Deal With Them!

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It is hard to contest the fact that all of us have been in toxic relationships at some point in our lives. Everyone else can see that we are in an unhealthy relationship except for us. It’s almost comical that we often fail to understand ourselves ! And we are the last to know what is right for us until we get a rude awakening. Don’t we own our mind, heart, body, and emotions? Actually – NO! Sometimes it takes a lifetime of mistakes and blunders to truly understand oneself. Why is it the most difficult thing to do?

A humungous amount of control is given to others and we rely on them to make us feel beautiful, validated, loved, respected and desired. Most of the time we function by basing our life decisions on circumstances or people to change. We place so much importance on getting validation from others that we forget to focus on who we truly are. Validation is extremely important and if it comes from the right source it catapults us into the right direction and improves our life by leaps and bounds. The golden rule to follow is that the world changes from the inside out. Our mind is a universe in itself – the world we create in our head is what will reflect outside.  “As a man thinketh in his heart, so he shall be” ~ James Allen

Relationships are a very big part of our lives – we thrive on them, they make or break us. Life is better when shared. However, sadly, we alone are responsible for having the wrong people in our lives and allowing them to treat us badly. First and foremost, we need to be able to recognize toxic behaviors only then can we eliminate toxicity from our life. We are so mentally and emotionally invested in these dynamics that it makes it that much more difficult to see things clearly.

If you are ever always left feeling worthless or unappreciated please click on the link below to find expert opinions on how you can overcome it. You can seek help from affordable, licensed and qualified mental health professionals who will focus on your mental well being and aid you to live a more wholesome and balanced life!



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Key things to understand about Depression!

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The recent death of Chester Bennington got me thinking – that how many of us truly understand what ‘Depression’ is? How does it feel? There is a huge difference between being ‘Sad’ and being ‘Depressed’. We use the term ‘Depression’ so loosely every time something uneventful happens in our life. Sadness most often has a reason – but sometimes ‘Depression’ – doesn’t! It might be so frustrating and confusing to not be able to pinpoint a reason. If you don’t know the issue how can you fix it? Depression is a dull, gloomy, grey feeling which hangs over your head no matter how much you try to shake it off. Every time someone commits suicide especially a Celebrity, the topic of depression becomes a global issue. I am glad that it creates awareness – we absolutely need that! Although, each one of us should take more responsibility in our everyday lives.

I experienced Depression just once in my life, where I received some unpleasant news about my mother’s health. If someone gave me a million bucks to describe how I was feeling, my words couldn’t do justice to it. It’s a strange feeling – a feeling of being standstill, drowning in a hole where the sounds around you are muffled, everything else is a blur. The worst feeling in the world is waking up in the morning and feeling like there is absolutely nothing to look forward to. You feel absolutely NOTHING. The best food feels tasteless, the funniest moments don’t make you laugh, you are out with your friends but you are just physically present and mentally your mind is in a fog. Some days you feel good and think that “Phew! I am out of this dark place!” but then the feeling of nothingness and hopelessness creeps in slowly and drags you down. It doesn’t announce its arrival. There are no evident physical symptoms but a slow, listless, dull, grey and empty feeling. You try to cry but even tears refuse to corporate and provide you any relief. Can you imagine a life with no hope?

How does Depression occur?

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10 Ways the Internet Is Taking Over Our Minds and Lives!

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I am guilty! I love the internet and possibly cannot imagine my life without it. Everything is at our fingertips –people, food, clothes, make-up, medicines, entertainment, knowledge and information about anything under and beyond the sun. I strive to maintain a healthy balance in my head and don’t let the lack of likes or abundance of it govern my life. I admit – it’s fun and I ENJOY IT. Do I care what people think? – Yes, I do, I would be lying if I said I didn’t – but only to a certain extent.

Although lately, I feel like I am od’ing on internet invasion. There are things you like to do voluntarily for fun and based on your needs. And then there are things you do because you have been brain-washed due to repetitive marketing, to seek validation and acceptance, over exposure to new trends and because temptations are being shoved down your throat.


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10 Characteristics of Perpetually Unhappy People

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“Unhappy people suffer twice. When they are not happy and when they see others who are!” ~Vanga Srikanth. Put one negative person in a room full of happy people and he or she will suck all the happiness right out them. Let’s face it – there are more discontent, complaining and sad people in this world as compared to the opposite. Being happy and content is a lot in our control but we are built to focus on what we don’t or can’t have. I know life is not all hunky dory – and we have enough of ‘love yourself’ and ‘there is always light at the end of the tunnel’ talk going on. No one seems to remember this when we are in the eye of the storm. Life is such- it is stubborn, has a mind of its own and forces us all to either fall or rise above our shortcomings. The choice is ours. We often turn our difficulties (which are opportunities in disguise) into our misery and push happiness further and further away.

“All birds find shelter during the rain. But an Eagle avoids rain by flying above the clouds. Problems are common, but attitude makes all the difference!” ~ APJ Adbul Kalam


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How much should you care what others think of you?

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We all have two faces. One is our true authentic self, known only to you and your inner circle. The other is for the outside world which is the outcome of our worldview. They together form a wholesome balanced individual. Sometimes the balance goes for a toss and that is when the mayhem begins. When the inner and outer worlds are at war we begin to lose sight of our abilities, potential, strengths and everything becomes clouded. We get further and further away from our true self and let others take over our identity and define us as per their own perspectives.

In my twenties, I thought I was making the smartest decisions. I lived and trodded on different paths with reckless abandon. Meh! I will figure it out. I really didn’t care what people thought of me. At one point, there was so much talk behind my back that I reached the pinnacle of giving a damn. I was never the crowd pleaser or tried to be fake – failed miserably even when I tried. I was a silent introvert, observed everyone, choosing my inner circle carefully. Not that people were dying to get in but I cared two hoots what they wanted. I don’t think I didn’t care out of bravery or because I was supremely confident. I just gave up. I blocked them out before they could reject me I rejected them.

You are not alone! There are excellent mental health professionals who can really help you cope with overwhelming situations. Online therapy is an easy, accessible and confidential way to seek help. Click here to know more  – https://www.betterhelp.com/start/
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